The Paleo Story / Niti Niti

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The Paleo Story / Niti Niti

Fotografiranje za katalog galerije volne NitiNiti (2014)


The Paleo Story demonstrates two important and utterly physiological human needs. Clothes and food. There is nothing else, just a body that requires those needs to be satisfied.

She feels “knitty” and “eatty”: It was cold and the day was young. The innocent scent of wind and the voices of the wildness were not far off. She was hungry and cold. She was hunting. And she was knitting. She felt knitty and eatty. Back then. Millennia away. Today she is still hungry. And she is still cold. Today she cooks. And knits. Again.


Make up Metka Megušar Bizjan

Simona Muc, arhitektka in oblikovalka za Niti Niti
Iztok Prosen, arhitekt in kuhar

Foto Ana Hribar

Model Maxime Pikula